Jackpot: Bath and Body Works


What’s better than a good sale? A good sale at Bath and Body Works.

Buy 2 bodywashes get the 3rd free. I love this deal.

I gotta tell you, I love this store. I love all the colors, the smells, the lotions and of course, the bodywashes.

I snagged these 3 bodywashes, along with these 3 mini bodywashes for my road trips. My husband and I are going out of town this week and you better believe I will be packing these babies.  When my husband asks if I remembered my little bag of goodies, I hope he realizes when I say ,”hell yes” that I am talking about my body washes.

Do yourself a favor and snag some of these wonderful bodywashes for a heck of a deal. Get a sample of handlotion while you are in there.


A Good Cry


I watched An Affair to Remember tonight.  I have never before seen the film but was familiar with the plot from watching Sleepless in Seattle. I cuddled on the couch with my cup of green tea and my pillow.

I laughed at the corny humor and smiled at the timeless flirting.  An hour and a half in and I started to worry.  What if I don’t get my cry?

I was promised this cry.  Guaranteed it, in fact, by the weeping ladies in Sleepless. Once my anxieties intensified I realized the moment was upon me.

Yes, I did get my cry.  The tears came, as well as,  the relief from the anticipation. The couple reconciled and I found my approval of this cry worthy film.

Bathwater running only intensifies tear flow. And they flowed. It’s best to climb into the tub and let it fill slowly, if you are in need of a good cry.

I let my tears multiply, gather and comfort each other. The tub understood. It accepted my weeping and shedding of tears. It encouraged the flow.

I left the bathroom with the sense of accomplishment, relief and acceptance. Everyone needs a good cry in the tub every now and then.

Wrapped in Ribbons

I was wrapped in a sunflower and nectarine ribbon of comfort and I didn’t want the moment to be washed away.  All of the glorious moisturizing lotion combined with the silky body wash, and my body felt like it was queen for a day.  This body wash from Olay is one of my favorites, especially when my skin is feeling on the dry side.  It is so thick and doesn’t vanish the way some body washes seem to do in the water.  It clings to your body, lingers softly against your skin and wraps your whole body in a ribbon of moisturizing comfort.  The smell of the sunflower and nectarine is uplifting without being too perfumery.  Caution: You may go through the bottle fast, with your sudden fascination with baths.  You may even develop a bath fetish….wpid-20150922_204324.jpg