Occasionally, I Take A Shower

wpid-20150929_212934.jpgEvery now and then it is a necessity, the shower that is.  I walk into my hotel room and before I jump on the bed, I check out the bathroom.  There it is. The shower. ….no tub.  While some hotels I have visited did have a bathtub it was sketchy to submerge myself into the capsule that held so many people before me. Other hotels, I gladly jump into their tub, bubbles and all.

This particular hotel, adjacent to a casino, was equipped with a nice tile-covered floor and an exceptional shower head. Now mind you, it wasn’t the Ritz and the shower head did not work all the kinks out of my back, but it did provide a steady hot flow of water that beckoned a song to be sung.

I lathered my white wash rag with the Love & Sunshine body wash that I packed….I told you I always bring my little bag of goodies, and reveled in the heat from the water penetrating my back.  A turn facing the water and my vocals were warmed up.

Demi’s “Cool for the Summer” flowed from my lips as the water rinsed the soap from my skin. I know you are picturing this amazingly hot woman singing in the shower now and you are right about that. You are just missing the white shower cap that is covering my brown locks. I told you I come prepared.

A shower every now and then is a good thing. I really do take one more often than I care to admit. No matter how I get it, a soak or a shower, a bath really is an anticipated part of my day.

I also have a thing for hotel sinks and comfy beds. The bathroom was brightly lit and the bed had big fluffy pillows. I was overall happy with my hotel experience. My husband who was celebrating his 40th birthday did as well. I believe I had a little something to do with that though.

I will leave a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. …of the room that is.

Hotel shower and bathroom

Hotel bed

Hotel shower and room

Yes that is me in the reflection.


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