Recipe for an Autumn Soak

Cup of tea with my bath

While autumn officially began a few days ago,  the brisk fall air has finally found its way in my bathroom window.

I like the cool air,  in fact, fall is my favorite season.  I will leave my bathroom window open until my bare feet start cringing at the feel of my frozen tile floor.

I made myself a cup of hot green tea, added a spoon of honey. I poured bubble bath into the hot stream of water. And voila! A hot soak and a hot drink in a cool autumn-air filled bathroom.

I hear the breeze in the background.  The leaves are being swept away and redistributed across my yard.

My cat, Django, loves autumn also. He can sit for hours perched on his windowsill. He watches the trees sway and the leaves scatter. He likes to revel in the quiet, subtle beauties of the world. As do I.

Happy fall.


Autumn view from my cat


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