In the Bath with Norah Jones….on

In the bath with Norah Jones

Swaying in my bathroom to the soulful voice of one sweet Norah Jones. I’m working on my 2nd glass of Cupcake Vineyard’s Moscato D’ Asti. I don’t know anything about wine, besides the fact that I can drink a whole bottle of this one without batting an eye, and it makes me one sexy dancer.

The mirror is fogging up from the hot water filling the tub.  “Don’t Know Why” is coming from my lips along with Norah’s.  Pour a little bubble bath into the stream of running water.  Prance around in my undies a bit longer until I can refill my glass.

By the time “Come Away With Me” is playing I am already submerged in bubbles and wine. “Come away with me and I’ll never stop loving you” I serenade myself.

Although I am already clean at “Turn Me On” , I can’t decide if I should get out of the tub and seduce my husband or allow Norah to keep singing to me. Obviously, I chose the latter.  Damn, who knew I could sing this well? I sound as good in the bathroom as I do in the car.  “I’m just sitting here waiting for you” ……I bellow not caring who downstairs can hear me.

This is music. This is what baths are for. This is one happy girl.

“I’ve Got to See You Again” is one of my favorites. I am a hell-of-a dancer in the tub. I manage the tango to this seductive tune.

Glass is empty. Toes are pruning. I could finish the CD, but instead I climb from the tub, hit repeat on “I’ve Got to See You Again” and sing and sway as I towel off. Between the wine, the CD and the hot bath who know’s what could happen next?


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