My First Lush Bath

Lush bath bombs

Isn’t it nice after a long weekend out of town, to come home to a package at your front door? The second I saw the brown box, I knew I was in for a treat. My first ever Lush order was in! ย Yes, this small town girl is miles away from a Lush store. I placed the order and had the antipication of a little girl waiting for Santa Claus as I waited for my package to come in.

I know you are thinking, “How can this woman claim to have a bath fetish if she has never tried a Lush product?” This question has crossed my mind several times as well until I finally just decided to place the order.

I have been away all weekend, surrounded by family, fun, food and festivals. We gabbed and gossiped, swapped stories and pictures, ate food and more food. But now I am home….

I am an introvert by nature. Like all introverts, I highly value my solitude, my quiet time and my personal space. After time spent unpacking, catching up with my husband and loving on my puppies, the time for my peace was available and highly desired. Where else would a girl like me seek her quiet? Why in the bath, of course.

I read over the names of the bath bombs I had received….French Kiss, Sex Bomb….yikes….these sounded nice at the time but I’m thinking something softer, subtler. Then I spot Twilight. Perfect.

I toss the huge pink ball into the hot stream of water and stand aside and watch the water turn soft shades of pink and purple. The lavender oil has worked its way into my nose before I even step in the tub.

By the time the tub is half-full I step in and discover the bomb has fully disintegrated. I sink in, lean my head against the tub and let the bubbles cover and tingle my body. It is very soothing. My skin already feels softer. The whole room smells like a candy store, so sweet and enticing.

My body relaxes in the water and I try to clear my mind. I hear the murmur of football in the background. I remember the kids teaching Grandma how to dance. I smile and giggle aloud. I remember all the hugs and kisses hello and goodbye.

I love my time alone, but I treasure my time with my family.



4 thoughts on “My First Lush Bath”

  1. Okay so I firmly believe our paths crossed for a reason. As you know I have my fear of baths and to be very honest with you ready this post made my skin crawl and I freaked out a little bit. I can’t shake this feeling though that your blog is going to be part of my journey to get past my bath fears and phobias. I mean there was a time I never would of even of read this. I would of read the title of your blog and gone screaming for the woods. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I have made lots of progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

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