How to Create a Sweet Morning Bath

My morning started with sleeping in. Just waking up when your body is replenished by sleep and not having an alarm blaring or a time clock to swipe is a sweet morning in itself.

My room is cool from the autumn air, my blankets cozy and my husband snuggly.

I gave my puppies some kisses and made a very sweet cup of coffee. I love sweet coffee, black I will never do. I don’t see the point. Today it is sweetened with French Vanilla.

I headed to my bathroom and grabbed my MMMelting Marshmallow Moment bath bomb from Lush. Not sure if I spelled the MMMMMM part right, but you get the gist.

Lush melting marshmallow moment

I ran the water and tossed in the sweet pink concoction.   Like my other bath bombs from Lush it filled the room with a heavenly scent. I loomed over the tub with my coffee in hand to study the “marshmallow” as it dissolved in the water.

Lush bomb and coffee

Awesome, the water is now pink with bubbles swirling about!

I sink into the tub and don’t let any to- do lists pop into my head. The mounds of laundry try to work their way into my viewpoint, but I am more cunning and look out the window and admire the sunny day.

Lush pink bomb

This MMMelting Marshmallow Moment bath bomb is in fact, the sweetest bomb I have tried from Lush. It smells as though I am surrounded by thousands of pink bunny Peeps. Their cute little bunny bodies are tickling my skin and filling the room with a sweet aroma I can’t bare to leave.

Somehow I come back to reality and there are no pink bunny Peeps. Just me, a tub full of silky pink water and my husband hollering that breakfast is ready.

My now sweet-smelling body leaves the tub to have breakfast with my husband. As I lean in for a kiss, he says he’s craving something sweet. It could be a sweet drink or a sweet treat, but I imagine it’s just me.

Sweet kiss

This is how I created my sweet morning bath. Do you have a favorite morning bath routine?


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