Stop Wishing Your Time Away


I stumbled upon this quote last night as I searched the Web trying to calm down and “unwind,” as my mom says, before I went to sleep.  It made me think of the day’s events and how much I just wished it would hurry up and be over. 

My workday was so frustrating and the more I hurried to get things going smoother, the worse it all became.

I scarfed down donuts and coffee on my break and said “just 10 more hours”.  The afternoon came and I was still agitated and counting down the hours until I would be home.

Funny how as much as I wanted to be home,  I never sat still and just enjoyed “being home”. I was busy with to-do lists, gotta do this-s and make sure I don’t forgets.

By the time I got in bed,  I realized I had hurried,  cursed and wished my day away. I’m almost positive that it was a nice day out, full of possibilities, but I chose not to acknowledge it.

My husband and I are heading to the Smoky Mountains this evening after work to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.  While I don’t want to be at work today any more than I did yesterday  (or any day for that matter) I’m trying not to rush through these hours just to get to the next.

I’m trying to slow down, take things as they come and when I have time just sit and reflect on our last 22 years together.  We have grown up together and now we are growing older together.

Time is all we really have. It’s all we need.  We should appreciate it, be present in it and cherish it. Just like how I eat my chocolate,  time should be taken in slow bites and savored.

Be sure to check back for posts about my trip and find me on Instagram for some (hopefully) amazing pictures of Gatlinburg, the Smoky Mountains and the cabin we will be staying in.

Special thanks to my new blogging friend for getting me started on Instagram. Check out her blog @

P.S.  I can’t wait to see the bathtub and the HOT TUB in the cabin.


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