When Relaxation Just Happens

I had a whole day of hiking, waterfall gazing, comedy show watching and ferris wheel riding planned for the day.

Well life happend, actually autumn happend,  just in time for my 22nd wedding anniversary and the Smoky Mountain National Park was booming with people.

So my adventure filled day turned into a wonderfully relaxing day. My husband and I ate pancakes.


I rode shot gun up the hills and curves of the national forest. I took pictures from my window as we sat in gridlocked traffic jams.

traffic to Smoky Mountain park

We walked “quiet trails” instead of our usual waterfall trails with swarms of tourists. We kissed and held hands. We walked slow and carefully observed each step, each tree and the peaceful stream of the creek.

quiet walkwaystream

We stopped at waterfalls with small parking lots just to get out of the convoy of spectators.  We kissed again and he took sips of bourbon.

waterfallsipping bourbon

Although the day was nothing like I planned, it turned out to be relaxing, romantic and remember-able.

The evening ended as I planned though. ..with a soak in the hot tub.

hot tub

Happy weekend from the Smokies!


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