How to Create a Romantic Bath Experience

Bath for two

You may think a romantic bath starts in the bathroom, but you are wrong.  It starts out on the porch, on a cool evening.  Mine started out on the porch of our rented cabin in the Smokies.  There was a simple swing with two pillows. It overlooked the horizon of the trees cascading the mountain.  The sky was clear and the stars provided a soft romantic glow.  We nibbled on chocolates, sipped wine and shared soft kisses.

Swing, chocolates, wine

Our chitchat turned to meaningful discussions, our hands lingered longer, as did our kisses, my cheeks felt a singe from the wine.

A chill from the breeze of the night persuaded us to bring our wine into the house.  We played music from our phones and refilled our glasses. I sang the wrong words to the song, but he didn’t seem to notice.

Music stitches

A romantic bath experience is dependent of the right lighting.  Since we are renting this cabin, I did not want to light candles….just in case.  The room had a nice set of lights that you could brighten and soften.  I softened them.

I placed towels, wash rags and a bath bomb on the edge of the tub.  Our glasses of wine traveled with us.  Our choice of bath bomb was Lush’s Sex Bomb….in case you are curious.

Romantic bath and lighting

With the hot water, the closeness of our bodies and the Sex Bomb dissolved in our water we really didn’t need to finish the wine.  But we chose to anyway.  Our kisses were sweeter that way. I had a glow that could even be detected in the soft cabin light.

The last crucial ingredient for a romantic bath is the attire to be worn after the bath. There are many choices, it is totally up to the individual.  You could go with the birthday suit, a simple nightie, a warm housecoat or even the towel.

NightieMy choice….a nightie.

A romantic bath really only requires two things: you and a person you care about. Although the more thought you put into it, the better the experience will be.

Enjoy your bath,



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