I Scored Over and Over Again…bath bombs, soaps and Lush

bath products from GatlinburgWalking around “The Island” in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee I sampled moonshine, rode the Wheel and even had a caricature made. While my husband scanned the scene for pizza and beer, I had only one thing on my mind. …bath products.

There were several shops admist the carnival games, rides and restaurants. I went past stores with purses, shoes and candies. I meandered into action hero stores and had my picture made with Daryl from the Walking Dead. (Actually it was just a cardboard cutout)

Then I spotted it.  A spa with bath products peeking from its windows. It was called St. Somewhere Spa and although I really would have enjoyed the spa and queen-like treatment, I bought three large bath bombs instead. Pumpkin, donut and candy scents….sounds like a vacation in a tub doesn’t it?

Bath bombs

That evening I googled “bath products in Gatlinburg”. I found a listing for a local store only 10 minutes from the cabin I was staying in, Misty Mountain Soap Company.

After my morning coffee and donut we headed to the arts and crafts district in Gatlinburg and I found the bath shop nestled between craft, lampshade and antique stores.  I could smell the clean and refreshing scent of soap before I entered the soft-colored room.  The atmosphere was calming and although there were many items to gander at, sample and drool over, it was not overpowering to the eye.  I appreciated that!

I  gathered soap bombs first, they had minis and medium sized.  I bought sample packs of shower Scent-sation tablets. They create aromatherapy to energize, calm or refresh you, just to name a few.

There were the most darling little cupcake bath bombs I just had to buy; slices of handmade watermelon, strawberry and pastel colored soaps found their way into my bag as well.

Misty mountain soap co

Honestly, I could have stayed there all day and bought one (or two) of each item.  They had bath salts, scrubs, body care lotions and lip balms, masculine products and even pet products.

This store had it all, including friendly, not-pushy-at-all staff.  You can visit their website to find out more about them or make an order for yourself.  I highly recommend this family-run, homemade business……I am not sponsored by this company or any other company at this time….it’s still just little ol’ me in the tub.

Misty Mountain Soap Company

The 3rd shop I found on vacation was in Gatlinburg. I actually found it just by chance as we were seeking shelter from the rain, dodging in and out of specialty shops.

It was a small store with an elegant atmosphere. I felt under-dressed in my blue plastic Smoky Mountain poncho and ballcap. The soaps, bath bombs and salts were showcased like fine jewelry.  The shop had other items such as lotions, purses and cards. So this wasn’t your home-made soap type of place.

I kept my focus on the bars of soap. I am not usually a bar soap kind of girl, but when I see soap this beautiful I can’t look away. I only purchased 2 because my cash flow was dwindling.

But they are beautiful! I may not even use them – again I am turning into my mother, “these are just for looks”.

The 2 soaps I purchased were apparently made by two different companies. …..remind me to look these up and see what else they have!

Verbena’s.   Verbenas bath soap

Wait there’s more:

We left our cozy vacation spot and headed home. A steady rain accompanied us. We drove a few hours, then stopped in Nashville, Tennessee for 2 things.
1. Cheesecake Factory and 2. LUSH store —-or 1. LUSH store and 2. Cheesecake Factory depending on your particular tastes .

It was my 1st Lush “store” visit. I stalked the store like a One Direction fan would Harry Styles; spot it, take a photo, then dive right in. The store was smaller than I imagined- and wanted – it to be. I spotted a few bath bombs I have already tried and pointed at one’s I have “liked” on my fellow Lush lover’s blogs and Instagrams.

I bought 6 bath products and nothing else. I’m sure you are shocked I didn’t buy any skin care or beauty products. I assure you I was over my “bath product allowance” and I will be back.

We ate our dinner and cheesecake and I eyed my Lush bag every now and then to make sure no crazy Lush fiend stole it….not that I would blame them.

We drove the rest of the way home in rain, downpours and sprinkles. I was exhausted by the time we got in, unloaded the car and kissed our “babies” (2 dogs and 1 cat).  When I headed for my bath, I had all of these glorious new products to try.  I was overwhelmed and really just wanted to admire them all for awhile before I used them.

I used a Lush bath bomb from my previous online order. French Kiss.  After overindulging in food, alcohol, spending and passionate endeavors for our long anniversary weekend, sometimes all a girl really needs is a nice long kiss.

Lush French Kiss


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