OMG You Just Turned 16!

Happy Sweet 16Everyone has different ways of celebrating their 16th birthday. Some with a smashing party, some by getting their driver’s permit and hitting the road and some with a pampering evening.  Considering I am a lover of all things bath, I would want to be pampered in a sweet, relaxing bath created just for me.

My youngest sister is celebrating her Sweet 16 today so I am dedicating this post to her.  I can only imagine that she would want to relax after her long school day, the overload of “I can’t believe you are 16″s and the struggle of cramming for today’s tests. (P.S. I hope you got an A)

Let’s start the pampering with a slice of cake. Not any cake though. Your OMG I just turned 16!!! cake.
Birthday cake

Now we need music.  It might be just me, but I would start with a Taylor Swift CD.  T.S. 1989 to be more specific…….ummmm didn’t someone buy you this CD recently?

T.S. 1989 Taylor Swift

Ok. Time for the pampering. You are gonna have to do a little work first.  You need to set up your bathroom for your own sweet 16 bath experience. Sorry Hun.

If you just happen to have a bunch of beautiful flowers, I suggest you take them with you.  What about balloons? Have any of them? Take them also.

Birthday rosesPink  balloons

Bring your music……uuuuummmmmm………Taylor Swift will do.

Sit the flowers where you can admire them from the tub. Don’t you just love roses? Tie the balloons to the bath faucet or let them loose to float above you.  Get that music playing where you can really hear it…..away from the tub. …I ‘m your big sister so I can boss you around!

Now you have some contemplating to do.  I just happen to know that you received Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea bodywash.  You also received 2 adorably awesome mini cupcake bath bombs.

Hold the phone!   I know what you are thinking.  But Jesica, you also bought me 2 LUSH bath bombs!  Yog Nog and Butterball.  Well my dear, you have some deciding to do.

Sweet 16 bath

Any choice is a good choice. Heck if it were me I would go with the Yog Nog bath bomb. Stand back and admire its beauty as you fill up the tub.  Be sure to take in all of the toffee aroma… sweet is that?

I would sit that little cupcake bath bomb on my tub’s edge just to admire its cuteness.  After I relaxed in my sweet bath, I would use that Sweet Pea bodywash to feel extra pampered and extra sweet.

No matter what bath product you use remember to sit back, relax, sing along with Taylor Swift (or whoever you picked), admire your flowers and celebrate the fact that:


Life can get stressful, school can be frustrating and time never goes fast enough when you are a teen.  Just remember to be true to yourself, that you are in charge of your own destiny and a hot bath can solve many problems of the day.

Happy birthday!


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