Bath and Body Works Visit


I just can’t help myself. I may really have an addiction.  I can tell myself that I was just looking for Christmas gifts. I mean I have 5 sisters, several neices and nephews  (who’s counting ) and lots of in-laws and of course parents,  a spouse and 2 kids. (Geez, that’s alot to buy for.)

But anyway, I can claim to have walked into Bath and Body Works to buy for family.  But who am I kidding?   They all claim to take baths or even showers (LOL) but I am the one who LOVES bathtime.

So yes, I did buy these beauties for myself. In fact, I just sampled one of them. Immediately I became inspired for a new post.

So brace yourself. Check back frequently. Be prepared to be amazed. Well, maybe not amazed but hopefully inspired or entertained.

Visit a Bath and Body Works store and think of me….better yet, buy me something.



2 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Visit”

  1. My best friend loves that store. Every few months the girls and I will get a box filled with items she has purchased there for us. You walk into our bathrooms and you would think we live there. But no it’s her. It has been about ten years since I’ve been in one of those stores.


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