Find Comfort with Vanilla Chai and Biscotti

Bath and body works Cup of Warmth: Vanilla Chai and Biscotti

The name captured my attention.  The heavenly aroma captivated my senses and the silky caress comforted my body. This body wash from Bath and Body Works made me do things no other body wash has made me do before……

I baked cookies…..from scratch. I bought $12 spices.  I simmered tea with these spices and even dipped my cookie!  Heaven forbid, I offered my body wash to my husband.  Crazy talk, I know!

After I purchased a few body washes at Bath and Body Works, I just HAD to sample this one in particular. Cup of Warmth: Vanilla Chai and Biscotti.  I had planned on saving it for closer to Christmas or maybe even giving it as a gift.  But I was weak!  The name pulled me in at the store and it lured me back when I was at home.

The Vanilla Chai and Biscotti body wash is everything that is right with the world and nothing that is not.  After my first delectable bath, I offered a sample-sized portion for my husband to try.

“You have got to try this!” I said with my eyes still a glaze. “But just a little”, I recoiled while I still had my wits about me.

The following day, I was googling recipes and raiding my spice racks for the priceless booty.

“I just can’t get you outta my head….la la la la la la la la” I sang as I scoured the spice aisle in the store.  A cringe at the $12 price tag of ground cardamom, was quickly replaced with a mischievous grin as I hid the spice between my mini chocolate chips and caramel sauce.  It will be our little secret, no one needs to know I’m buying some spice I’ve never heard of, for some tea I may not like. Shhhhh!

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” Keeping my cool, I hum to myself as the cashier scans my groceries. She didn’t even flinch at the $12  mini glass jar. I suppose SOME people buy such luxurious spices all of the time.

I greedily put my groceries in the car and wipe the drool from my mouth at the thought of what delicacies are yet to come.

“I just can’t get you outta my head….la la la la la la la la”, I sing again driving home.

Here is the recipe  I used for my HOMEMADE-  FROM SCRATCH chocolate chip biscotti. Miss In The Kitchen

Chocolate chip biscottiIt takes some time, so be patient.  Afterall, biscotti is a cookie that is cooked twice.  It is perfect for dipping in coffee, vanilla chai tea or milk.  Just look at these pictures.

Chocolate chip biscotti

If you must know, yes I did sample some before I popped them back in the oven for their 2nd baking phase and yes it was good.  Finally, after the 2nd baking of the chocolate chip-ridden delight, I began making the tea. Excuse me….the Vanilla Chai.

I found the recipe here. Mom on Timeout

Vanilla chai

I used the Vanilla Chai with Caramel recipe.  I measured the spices. I simmered the spices.  I boiled the tea.  I smelled the heavenly chai.

Vanilla chai

Finally, the tea was ready.  My kitchen smelled nearly as good as the Vanilla Chai body wash.  I admired my biscotti once again.  I inhaled a deep breath from my cup of Vanilla Chai.  After a few dips in caramel, a few nibbles of biscotti and a few sips of tea, I decided to take myself for a dip……in the tub of course.

Biscotti and caramel

Vanilla chai and biscotti

The Vanilla Chai tea with caramel was well worth the $12 spice.  The chocolate chip biscotti was the best biscotti I have ever had. The Vanilla Chai body wash from Bath and Body Works was just as good as I remembered.  Sitting in the bathtub with all of these sweet delights, I feel inspired again….. to take a longer bath.

Enjoy your bath,



2 thoughts on “Find Comfort with Vanilla Chai and Biscotti”

  1. I love that you made the biscotti by hand, brings me back to my childhood being at my
    Grandmothers house 🙂 And also, huge props for making the tea instead of buying a box of chai, love that 💗


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