On the 3rd day of my Christmas Bath


Today I am celebrating my 3rd day of Christmas baths.   I decided to go with a classic movie and a classic-looking bath kit.

We watched It’s A Wonderful Life tonight. Everyone needs a feel good kind of movie around the holidays. It really makes you appreciate the people in your life. 

I drank my cup of coffee with Almond Joy coffee creamer.  I snuggled under my blue paisley blanket.   After the movie, I looked forward to my bath.

I purchased this Glamour to the Rescue bath kit at Walmart, sort of a Christmas gift to myself.  After watching the glamorous, yet simple, 50s  lifestyle,  I decided this kit of bath salts, cream and lotion was as close as I am  going to get to a 50s style tonight.  

I filled the bath with the salts as the water ran,  then I poured in some body wash.   I sat still in the water and reminisced about the movie. I could have sworn I heard a tiny bell ring. I smiled at the thought of an angel getting it’s wings.

Until tomorrow,


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