On my 4th Day of Christmas Baths


On my 4th day of Christmas baths I am going to be tired.  I have to be honest with you guys, I’m going to get in late tonight.  I am going to the opening night of Star Wars.  That’s right,  I’m rocking the Leia buns today at work. 

Isn’t it part of the Christmas experience  to view a movie on the big screen with a big bucket of popcorn? Well, for me it is.  Although I have my tickets already, I will still be lined up outside with all the other Star Wars fans.  I will squeal as the movie starts and cheer for the heros.  I will clap and hollar as the credits roll at the end.

When the movie is over, my family and I will drive home and let out all of the “oh my gosh did you see how…can you believe she…wasn’t it cool when they….”

When I get home I will get our lunches ready for tomorrow and say my goodnights.  I will find this gift that I left for myself, an inflatable neck pillow for my tub.  I will say, “You know what Jesica, you deserve a relaxing soak after being such a hard worker and an awesome mom today”.  I will respond to myself, “The force is strong with this one. Take a relaxing soak, I shall”.


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