On my 5th Day of Christmas Baths

Today is the 5th day of Christmas and on this blog it is my 5th day of having a Christmas themed bath.

I started my evening watching the classic cartoon Frosty the Snowman.  I have watched that children’s flick every year since I can remember. 

I have been very busy the last few days, by the way, Star Wars the Force Awakens was freaking awesome!  But anyway, after I watched Frosty I ran around the house like I was going to melt if I didn’t get several things done all at once.

That was the problem.  I hurried upstairs, dropped off laundry, put towels away and was on my way downstairs to grab the broom when my fuzzy blue socks took a flying leap. Actually “I” did. I took a flying leap down the stairs.

Meaning I landed right on my bottom, hit my arm and bounced down 6 slick and hard stairs.

My urge to get things done was crushed along with my backside. I went back upstairs and decided my planned bubble bath needed to be postponed.  A hot bath with Epsom Salt will ease my aches and pains and allow me to get back in the Christmas spirit tomorrow.

So until tomorrow,
Bruised and Sore Jesica


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