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I have a serious love of baths, bubbles, bodywashes, relaxing and pampering. I guess I have a bath fetish.

It’s About Time


We’ve all known people, usually mothers, who refuse to give themselves a break from responsibilities, even for 10 minutes a day.

  • She jumps in the shower while telling her husband about what “the teenager” did again today.
  • She puts one foot in the tub only to pull the other right back out as the kids are banging on the door.
  • The multi-tasking moms who just stick the kids in the tub with her to save time.
  • He’s checking his emails and responding to texts, careful not to drop his phone in the tub.

Everyone needs time to themselves. Time to relax, recuperate and re-energize. What better place than in the bathroom? What better way than soaking in the tub?

Make taking care of YOURSELF a top priority in your daily routine and allow yourself to Lock That Door! Positivity should flow over your body, while the negativity is washed down the drain.

How can you accomplish this task?

  1. Take a bath when kids are all tucked away safely in their beds.
  2. Skip out on chores if you have alone time. Laundry will never be done. Just accept this fact.
  3. Tell your family you get “10 minutes of uninterrupted me time”. Get everyone settled (safe and supervised if necessary) . Explain the importance of alone time.
  4. Set a timer on your phone and leave it out of reach if it will distract you.
  5. Buy a cute clock for your bathroom- I love the soothing ticking sound of mine.
  6. Trade alone time with your spouse, roommate or neighbor.
  7. If you are a scheduler, then by all means schedule that bath!
  8. Morning people- which I am not- May enjoy a bath before everyone gets up….jump in the tub before you have your coffee or you may find distractions along the way.
  9. As much as this pains me to say, skip out on Jimmy Fallon and soak in that tub….be sure to record it for later though….I love that guy!
  10. Most importantly: 10 minutes is actual soak time. Gathering towels and looking around the house for your bath robe does not count. 10 minutes is submerged into the water until your foot steps back out.

10 minutes is the minimum of alone time to strive for…..I prefer 20 to 30 minutes…but that’s just me!


Are You Sponge Worthy?

Sponge bath

The sponge. So simple, yet so enticing.  It holds it’s porous shape as it dangles from my tub.  I unwrap the noose from the faucet and soak it in the pool of water.  It pulls in as much water as it can hold and I squeeze the warmth onto my shoulders and neck.

And again.

Submerge into the bath, release slowly onto my skin.

I’m reminded of the scene from Pretty Woman. Richard Gere is wrapped in a Julia Robert’s cradle of love. She is sponging his chest as he discusses his past.

Bath’s relax us, allow us to unwind, and some of us are lucky enough to  receive a sponge bath from a long legged redhead.

On the other hand, just the mere mention of the word “sponge” can conjure up another tv moment in my mind.

I am a die hard Seinfeld fan.  Just the term ” yada yada yada” brings me goose bumps and giggles. So it’s an instinct for me to hold this sponge and think of Elaine’s Today Sponge. It is going off the market and Elaine must conserve the use of her birth control.  She has to decide if her suitors are “sponge worthy”. While mine is not birth control, it does make me wonder…..Is my husband sponge worthy?

I leave my sponge dangling from the faucet, secure in the fact that it will be waiting for me when I return tomorrow. But what if….what if it is used in the mean time by my husband? I don’t ask for much and I’m not a selfish person, but sharing my bath sponge feels like it is crossing the line….like heaven forbid….sharing a toothbrush. Therefore, I affirm that…. He is Not sponge worthy.

Now that it is settled, I sink back in the tub. Squeeze the hot water over my shoulders, my neck…. Who needs Richard Gere when I have my own body to sponge?

Calgon Did Take Me Away with Epsom Salt


Epsom salt

12 hours standing on a concrete floor.  30 minute drive home.  2 loads of laundry and dinner dishes already in the dishwasher.  My legs are aching. My feet are swollen. My back is stiff and my shoulders are tight.

I’ve never been much on following directions…2 cups in a warm stream of water…I will just eye-ball maybe that was more like 4 cups.

I sink back into the hot water and smell the lavender filling the air. The salt has dissolved and slowly so is my pain.  I rest my head against the tub and I allow Calgon to take me away.

I’m not sure if it was the time off my feet, the hot water or the Epsom Salt,  but my body has recovered and is ready for another day of abuse.

Best part of my day

Bubble bath

What’s better than my morning cup of Joe, more satisfying than the swipe of the timecard at the end of my work day? Albeit sometimes short and rushed, my time alone encompassed in a warm pool of water and suds is often the highlight or most anticipated part of my day.  I’m not saying that I am a pathetic social recluse by any means…or am I? I have just come to realize that numerous people out in this vast world don’t treasure their bath time the way that I do. Not only is it all the “shower people ” out there, but there are also the rushers, (my husband), the quick splashers and the in and outers.  I’m here to wholeheartedly admit that I am a bath lover, a long soaker, and a bubble lover. I guess you could say I have a bath fetish in a non-creepy sort of way.