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On the 2nd Day of Christmas Bath


On my 2nd day of celebrating my Christmas bath I decided to go with Bath and Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel bodywash. The bright green liquid lewered me in and the vanilla bean scent convinced me not only to purchase it, but to use it in my 12 days of Christmas baths. 

I spent the entire day yesterday shopping.  By the time I took my bath and wrote my tiny post ( and waited for the Internet connection to, well, connect) I was exhausted.  So today, after a grueling 12 hour day at work, I lathered up my poof with the Vanilla Bean Noel bodywash. I soaked my tired feet and sang 12 Days of Christmas to myself.  

After my long hot bath, I joined my family and my pets on the couch.  We watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation together.  All piled together we were cozy, cuddly and Christmasy.

Until tomorrow,



The 1st Day of Christmas Bath


Green Peppermint

On the first day of Christmas I used a lovely green bath bomb.

Hello all!  In honor of the Christmas season and my love of the 12 Days of Christmas song I am going to attempt to take a holiday bath of sorts for the next 12 days.  Yes, that is correct there are only 12 days until Christmas.  Don’t freak out, just take a bath and try not to think about all of the presents you have left to buy.

Tonight I used a bath bomb that I purchased from The Bomb Dot Com Bath Bombs.  It was called Green Peppermint, and it was BIG. This baby fizzed like a pro and practically made laps around my tub.  It was a lovely way to start my 12 days of Christmas baths.

I know you are anxious to see what is in store for tomorrow, so come back to my blog and see what happens on my 2nd day of Christmas bath.