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On My 11th Day of Christmas Baths

It is Christmas Eve! Can you even believe it? What’s even more unbelievable is that today is also my birthday! Woop woop.

I have had a great birthday. My husband and kids gave me a wonderful assortment of the best birthday gifts a person could ever ask for.


After opening my gifts, I was suddenly inspired to take my 11th Christmas bath.

Considering my gifts consisted of a bath caddy (from my sweetheart of a daughter), truffles, bath bombs, and perfume (my SON bought me Chance by Chanel), I’m sure they expected this to happen.

I filled my wine glass with some really sweet tea and brought a cupcake with me. I grabbed a book, my phone and a birthday bubble bar I bought previously from The Bomb Dot Com Bath Bombs

I placed my bath caddy on the edges of the tub and began running the hot water.  I crumbled the sprinkle-covered bubble bar into the running water and watched it explode into bubbles.


I only used a portion of the bubble bar and had plenty of bubbles to cover my birthday suit.  Lol. I put on some music from my phone, sipped my tea, gobbled down my cupcake and read my book. It was a perfect birthday bath.

Upon exiting my bathroom, I sprayed on some of my new perfume.  I smell heavenly,  just so you know.  I slid on a new pair of birthday slip resistant fuzzy socks. . . .no more sliding down the stairs for me.

Now to get back in the Christmas holiday spirit, we will watch Home Alone together.  It is my favorite Christmas movie, I laugh so hard every time I watch it: paint cans smacking the burglars in the face, the high pitched scream from the man with a tarantula on his face, feet getting tarred and hair getting torched. Christmas movies just don’t get any better than this. 

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you. I hope Santa comes tonight to visit you.  And to all of you December babies out there: Happy Birthday!

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