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On My 11th Day of Christmas Baths

It is Christmas Eve! Can you even believe it? What’s even more unbelievable is that today is also my birthday! Woop woop.

I have had a great birthday. My husband and kids gave me a wonderful assortment of the best birthday gifts a person could ever ask for.


After opening my gifts, I was suddenly inspired to take my 11th Christmas bath.

Considering my gifts consisted of a bath caddy (from my sweetheart of a daughter), truffles, bath bombs, and perfume (my SON bought me Chance by Chanel), I’m sure they expected this to happen.

I filled my wine glass with some really sweet tea and brought a cupcake with me. I grabbed a book, my phone and a birthday bubble bar I bought previously from The Bomb Dot Com Bath Bombs

I placed my bath caddy on the edges of the tub and began running the hot water.  I crumbled the sprinkle-covered bubble bar into the running water and watched it explode into bubbles.


I only used a portion of the bubble bar and had plenty of bubbles to cover my birthday suit.  Lol. I put on some music from my phone, sipped my tea, gobbled down my cupcake and read my book. It was a perfect birthday bath.

Upon exiting my bathroom, I sprayed on some of my new perfume.  I smell heavenly,  just so you know.  I slid on a new pair of birthday slip resistant fuzzy socks. . . .no more sliding down the stairs for me.

Now to get back in the Christmas holiday spirit, we will watch Home Alone together.  It is my favorite Christmas movie, I laugh so hard every time I watch it: paint cans smacking the burglars in the face, the high pitched scream from the man with a tarantula on his face, feet getting tarred and hair getting torched. Christmas movies just don’t get any better than this. 

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you. I hope Santa comes tonight to visit you.  And to all of you December babies out there: Happy Birthday!

Slightly older,


On My 10th Day of Christmas Baths

On my 10th day of Christmas baths, I’m going to turn the AC back on. It’s a fine spring day here in Kentucky. ..oh wait, it’s winter.  Well, in that case I’m not sure if I should be rejoicing that I’m wearing short sleeves and ordering iced coffees or worrying about what winter will be like when it finally strikes. 

No point in worrying about the weather,  but it does put a (soggy) damper on my Christmas spirit.  So I will improvise and create my own winter wonderland. 

I will walk around tonight with just short sleeves so I can detect a chill in the air as I look at Christmas lights. I will play songs like Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland to coerce my mind into thinking “Baby its Cold Outside”.

I will watch the movie “Jingle All the Way” with the AC cranked way up.  After I have laughed at Arnold, cheered for Turbo Man and sipped my hot chocolate,  I will head upstairs for my bath. 

I will use my Magic of Christmas bubble bar.  Doesn’t Lush think of everything? Bubbles, cinnamon sticks and glitter. I will hum “Jingle Bells” as I sip more hot chocolate from the tub.

Only 1 more night until Christmas, but I still have 2 more Christmas baths left to enjoy.

Until tomorrow,

On my 6th, 7th and 8th Days of Christmas Baths

Let me just start by saying I really admire “real” bloggers and their ability to write and post everyday.  ‘Tis the Christmas season, therefore it is crazy busy around my house, as I’m sure yours is too.

My 6th day of Christmas baths started out with making candy and playing games with my family.  I invited everyone over and we made several batches of candies and cookies. We used so many bags of chocolate!!!! and took turns stirring the divinity.



Afterwards, we played a few Christmas Edition Minute to Win It games.  It was a rough and rowdy evening, but oh so much fun.


Late that evening, I finally took a bubble bath with my Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar.  It filled my water with so many bubbles and a festive reddish color.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect Christmasy day.

On my 7th day of Christmas baths, I woke up early and used a special rose scented soap.  I’m not usually into bar soap, but this package was so heavenly and angelic that I had to buy it.


I did not have long to soak because I was heading to the Indianapolis Zoo for the day.  It was an early birthday celebration for myself.   I love orangutans just about as much as I love my husband and our 2 children.  At the end of our fabulous orangutan viewing, they bought me a baby of my own.  Well sort of.




Today is my 8th day of Christmas baths.  I have spent my day finishing my shopping and finally wrapping presents.  It feels good to see presents wrapped under the tree.  I divided up my stash of Lush bath bombs and Bath and Body Works gifts for my sisters, neices and daughter.  I can’t wait to see them opened, smelled and eww and awed over. 
Tonight we watched Seinfeld’s Festivus episode together, it’s sort of a family tradition.  Then I headed to the bath with my Bath and Body Works Merry Berry Christmas body wash. 


Only a few more days until Christmas!
I hope everyone is getting as excited as I am.  See you tomorrow!
– Jesica