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On My 10th Day of Christmas Baths

On my 10th day of Christmas baths, I’m going to turn the AC back on. It’s a fine spring day here in Kentucky. ..oh wait, it’s winter.  Well, in that case I’m not sure if I should be rejoicing that I’m wearing short sleeves and ordering iced coffees or worrying about what winter will be like when it finally strikes. 

No point in worrying about the weather,  but it does put a (soggy) damper on my Christmas spirit.  So I will improvise and create my own winter wonderland. 

I will walk around tonight with just short sleeves so I can detect a chill in the air as I look at Christmas lights. I will play songs like Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland to coerce my mind into thinking “Baby its Cold Outside”.

I will watch the movie “Jingle All the Way” with the AC cranked way up.  After I have laughed at Arnold, cheered for Turbo Man and sipped my hot chocolate,  I will head upstairs for my bath. 

I will use my Magic of Christmas bubble bar.  Doesn’t Lush think of everything? Bubbles, cinnamon sticks and glitter. I will hum “Jingle Bells” as I sip more hot chocolate from the tub.

Only 1 more night until Christmas, but I still have 2 more Christmas baths left to enjoy.

Until tomorrow,