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On My 12th Day of Christmas Baths

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone has been able to enjoy time with their family, eat some good food and open a present or two.

I have had a wonderful day with my family.  I am so thankful to have 2 of the most thoughtful kids in the world and a loving supportive husband, not to mention my sweet little kitty and 2 dogs.  This girl has everything!

After a day of snacking, opening presents and talking to family, I finally made my way upstairs for my last day of Christmas baths.


I made a big cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and a candy cane stirrer.  Isn’t this cup adorable? Thanks to my friend, Betsy, for such a sweet gift.

I took my new bluetooth shower speaker and turned on some music. This was a gift from my husband, somehow he knew I like listening to music while in the tub.


Finally, after my steaming hot water finished running, I tossed this Sakura bath bomb into the tub.  Yet another simple, yet sweet concoction from Lush.


I had the best Christmas a girl could ask for, not because I received this awesome Wonderwoman purse, but because I spent the whole day with my family.  I am truly blessed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!


On My 10th Day of Christmas Baths

On my 10th day of Christmas baths, I’m going to turn the AC back on. It’s a fine spring day here in Kentucky. ..oh wait, it’s winter.  Well, in that case I’m not sure if I should be rejoicing that I’m wearing short sleeves and ordering iced coffees or worrying about what winter will be like when it finally strikes. 

No point in worrying about the weather,  but it does put a (soggy) damper on my Christmas spirit.  So I will improvise and create my own winter wonderland. 

I will walk around tonight with just short sleeves so I can detect a chill in the air as I look at Christmas lights. I will play songs like Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland to coerce my mind into thinking “Baby its Cold Outside”.

I will watch the movie “Jingle All the Way” with the AC cranked way up.  After I have laughed at Arnold, cheered for Turbo Man and sipped my hot chocolate,  I will head upstairs for my bath. 

I will use my Magic of Christmas bubble bar.  Doesn’t Lush think of everything? Bubbles, cinnamon sticks and glitter. I will hum “Jingle Bells” as I sip more hot chocolate from the tub.

Only 1 more night until Christmas, but I still have 2 more Christmas baths left to enjoy.

Until tomorrow,

On My 9th Day of Christmas Baths


I finally have all of my presents wrapped and tucked safely under my tree.  This seems like a big accomplishment, but considering Christmas is about 2 1/2 days away, I am finished just in the St. Nick of time. 

This time of year, every year, I feel like I should get “this” person just one more gift.  That leads me to think of “this person” also.  Then I realize it is enough. Whatever it is, it is enough. 

So tonight, I am going to enjoy my cup of coffee with International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer.  I am going to watch my Father Christmas Lush bath bomb fizz across my tub, and I will sleep comfortable in my bed with visions of sugar plums (or cookies) dancing in my head.


I Actually Made Bath Bombs!

Bath bomb

I’ve never been one of those kind of girls. Heck even if I did try something like that, I surely wouldn’t take pictures and write about it. But desperate times they say.

I have spent some money on luxury products.  I have dabbled in online searches and secretly inquired about other options. Until I finally just bit the bullet and tried it myself.

I found a recipe on Pintrest for homemade bath bombs, copycat Lush bath bombs actually. So I thought what do I have to lose besides a few bucks and a little time.

I used the recipe found here: The Beauty Bar

I bought a few common household ingredients and some citric acid. Now the citric acid puzzled me a bit. Where will I find it?  Will it burn my hand off?  Will it smell citrusy?

The citric acid was in the canning section of my local supercenter. The rest in the baking aisle.  Anyone else notice how bathing and baking kind of go together nicely?

Bath bomb ingredients
I gathered my ingredients at home, slid on a pair of rubber gloves and began the most scientific DIY project I have ever attempted.

I felt like the great Heisenberg himself. In honor of Breaking Bad I used the blue dye. If only I could make my concoction of blue as addictive as Walt’s, I would be a very rich woman. Although at this point I’m just hoping to not turn myself or my tub into a Smurf.

I measured the ingredients, added food coloring, essential oils and a few lavender pieces. I laughed menacingly in the air and let out a deep HAHAHA HAHA.

The mixture felt “sandy” like the instructions pointed out. I pressed the sand-like mixture into the mold and patiently waited for a perfect blue bath bomb.

Well….I got a couple perfect, a couple almost perfect and a few bombs that kind of exploded in their molds.

The pitiful bath bombs were put back in the mixing bowl.  With new life, I gave them new color and scent. “You will now smell of oranges and be colored green!” For their new lease on life, I pressed the green sand-like mixture into a simpler mold. A tray of hearts. Green hearts? What would Walt say?

Well my pretties, the green hearts popped effortlessly out of the mold. For some reason or ‘nother I placed my bath bombs on a kitchen plate. Then I stood back and admired my creation.

Bath bombs

After letting my homemade bath bombs “rest” for 24 hours, I took my  plate of bath bombs upstairs for a test run.  These simple beauties did fizz! They would have made ol’ Walt proud!

2015-12-06-19.44.22.jpg.jpgMy whole bathroom smelled of oranges and my skin was so silky. But…..I did feel a little disappointed. My bath water was still the same ol’ bath water color. There were no swirls of blues or greens.

So while I did actually create my own bath bombs and they smelled lovely and made my skin silky soft, I realized the following day what I was really hoping my bath bomb would be like:

Lush bath bomb

Lush bath bomb

Darn you Lush Cosmetics for being so perfect! Luxury Lush Pud  was perfect in every way. No disappointments here.

Life is all about experimenting and trying new “recipes”. Have you had any successes or epic fails with homemade bath bombs?