Bubble bath

What’s better than my morning cup of Joe, more satisfying than the swipe of the timecard at the end of my work day? Albeit sometimes short and rushed, my time alone encompassed in a warm pool of water and suds is often the highlight or most anticipated part of my day.  I’m not saying that I am a pathetic social recluse by any means…or am I? I have just come to realize that numerous people out in this vast world don’t treasure their bath time the way that I do. Not only is it all the “shower people ” out there, but there are also the rushers, (my husband), the quick splashers and the in and outers.  I’m here to wholeheartedly admit that I am a bath lover, a long soaker, and a bubble lover. I guess you could say I have a bath fetish in a non-creepy sort of way.

Here’s to enjoying your bath!


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For the love of baths, bubbles, relaxing and pampering.

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